It Takes A Village… (Part 2)


IMG_3799Galin- Galin has been around the farm for a long, long time.  As one of MT‘s oldest and best friends she has been here for so many of  our family life’s precious moments, from sleepovers, to Homecoming Dances, to catching turkeys running around the barnyard.  Galin attended James Madison University and majored in Communications (which has been a huge help to us here at the Farm). After college, Galin got into the Sales world ( stayed there for 3 years) knowing it wasn’t her forever job, but that it was a good experience.  Galin and MT worked together as waitresses in Purcellville, Virginia, during the days of Main Street Wings. As destiny would have it for this dynamic duo, Galin offered her services to help MT with our farm’s  Patio Services and slowly but surely she began showing up more and more. This was a gift we will be forever grateful, she stepped up to the plate (so to speak ) gave of herself to help our small farm operation out of true friendship. In addition to volunteering here, she is following her life dream and studying to become an Elementary School teacher. Those are lucky children to have such a brilliant, fun loving women shaping their little innocent lives just as she helps shape us here at the farm with her love and fun for life. She works diligently in the shop, plates food during Patio Services, contributes to Wednesday night packaging and works with MT on our Social outreach.  She brings a tremendous help to the Farm team, offering us support by lending an extra set of hands or offering insight when a project needs to get completed. She is a true treasure, abundance of joy with that right attitude.


image1 (2)

Alison- Alison and our youngest daughter  Mary Elaine grew up together in the 4-H Pony Club. They have been best of friend’s and together have been our worker bee’s from the very beginnings!  MaryElaine and Alison have a special friendship – what is said and shared on the farm between them – stays on the farm – no kidding these two have each others back, thick and thin. Alison helps out with everything and never complains, and I mean that, NEVER COMPLAINS no matter how late it can get, no matter how much homework may be ahead of her – especially during tough holiday schedules.  Not only is she the one that -almost always – like 99.9% of the time- hand slices our cheese into their 1/2 to 1-pound packages –  she completes the farm team for Wednesday night packaging (Along with Mary Elaine, Galin & MT), writing your names on the bags for Pre-Orders, packaging chicken to each of your personal request, to staying calm when the going gets tough.  Alison NEVER hesitates to do what needs to be done, she is an integral part to helping everything function smoothly.  You’ll see Alison around the shop on Patio Services days as well as pitching in in the Farm Shop whenever we need her. We are extremely proud to have Miss Alison on our team!

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