Being the good Catholic girl that I am, spirituality has always been of the utmost importance to me. I admit there are times when I feel empty spiritually and it’s more like I’m in a desert. I say my prayers but feel nothing. But here is what I have learned:


Prayer to me is a way to check my conscience and reflect inwardly. Am I being the best version of myself? Sometime I am and sometimes I’m not! I am human and that puts me in the same category as every other human. I’m not perfect. (But don’t tell my kids that please!)

I think one of the coolest gift’s God gave to me is my faith to trust in Him through trying to follow his footsteps in my actions, words and deeds. The next most awesome gift for me was His sharing of His Blessed Mother with us through the Holy Family. Mary teaches us all about being close to our Lord through the rosary and many other prayers she has handed down to us through the centuries. The life of the Holy Family and what they represent in our daily lives is something I hope to always draw strength from to be that best version of me.

Reflecting on the life of the Holy Family challenges me during times I struggle, worry, fear, stress out, and someway, somehow I  find mUNDOER Of KNOTS-Johann_Georg_Schmidtner-,_by_Johann_Georg_Schmidtneryself getting grounded again, and get back to keeping my priorities in check and my responsibilities in order. For me it works. I hope by sharing you might draw something special into your life too.

Right now, spiritually, I am in a really good space and I don’t want to lose that. I love this space but sometimes it takes time and repetition to get to. Here are some of the prayers that are really working for me right now:



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